What’s an Infographic? A Graphic that Visualizes Data

Infographics are a solid digital marketing strategy that has gain popularity on social media sites in the past few years.

They’re an excellent ways to build quality links, establish credibility, and grow your social media presence. However,
what are infographics?

Infographics can be described as information embedded in a graphical format. The visual enhancements helps make the data easy to digest. All type of people use infographics such as digital marketers, journalists, and researchers.

As the web comes more polluted with content, there needs to be mediums to quickly present condensed information to readers.
Infographics are that great equalizer as humans tend to process images better than a block of text.

There are many tools that help digital marketers create infographics. In addition, since infographics can easily be embedded across social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it’s quite easy to share them which increase the chances of it becoming viral.

The more web users that view your infographics increases the likelihood of it collecting more social media shares and links.

There are many books dedicated to infographics but I will biasly recommend mines which is Epic Infographics. The book is condensed with tons of gems so that you can quickly read it then go out and execute your first infographic campaign in a couple of hours. In addition, results were achieved by webmasters using my methods. You can read their reviews about my
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