How to Get Backlinks from CNN, TechCrunch, Wikipedia, and Huffington Post

This is year 2017, and everyone is looking for a fresh start. If you have an online business and finally want to break that plateau and kick your business into high gear then I would suggest radically changing your seo strategy.

Free organic traffic from Google is like having the best location in your city for your business. There’s a real estate that repeat the statements location, location, location. I like to use this to reflect the importance of getting first page rankings in Google.

Even novices know that Google ranks quality backlinks as one of their main metrics for determining a site’s importance. However, how do you, an everyday webmaster crack the code t generating consistent quality links? Well, one strategy that I highly recommend is to check out Infographics.

My new course Epic Infographics 2017 reveals the entire game plan.

I recently read a nice post by Ken Lyons on WordStream blog about inforgraphics.

He highlighted the steps he used to create an infographic campaign that he used to generate links from powerful domain names such as CNN and HuffingtonPost which lead to a spike in traffic.

The strategy he used was interesting which evolved around negativity which is a powerful commodity on the web. Every saw an online social media or message board posts that generated tons of views? Many of them typically contain an aura of negativity behind it. People on the web tend to feed off the misfortune of others and this is one of those elements that he exploited for huge traffic gains.

Like all marketing strategies, it’s important to have your KPIs (key performance indicators) intact so that you can track your results and evolve. Failure to do this like throwing darts in the dark.

If you haven’t already check out Epic Infographics 2017.

It details step-by-step how to create viral infographics that generate quality back links for your site.

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  1. My goal for 2017 is to make $15 000/month. My strategy is based on ranking money blogs. I count on the Epic Infographics to help in getting solid backlinks that will contribute in ranking my keywords.

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