How to create powerful infographics with Google for free

Google charts are a nifty service offered by Google. It allows you to
connect your data with real time interactive displays that’s powered by Google.

Its cross-browser compatible, free, and offers a suite of features. For example, you can create various types of interactive charts such as: charts, annotation, area, bar, bubble, calendar, column, line, maps, and scatter.

As long as you have a website you can quickly create charts. You can view the sample here.

You can copy and paste the sample from Google Charts into an html file and upload to your website to get a feel of how it works. If you have data that you want to display on your website then you could create amazing visual representations after learning Google charts.

You could add social media icons or a newsletter subscription box to capitalize off the visitors that comes and view this data on your website.

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It includes everything you need to know on how to successfully launch your infographic campaign.

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