How to create powerful infographics with Google for free

Google charts are a nifty service offered by Google. It allows you to
connect your data with real time interactive displays that’s powered by Google.

Its cross-browser compatible, free, and offers a suite of features. For example, you can create various types of interactive charts such as: charts, annotation, area, bar, bubble, calendar, column, line, maps, and scatter.

As long as you have a website you can quickly create charts. You can view the sample here.

You can copy and paste the sample from Google Charts into an html file and upload to your website to get a feel of how it works. If you have data that you want to display on your website then you could create amazing visual representations after learning Google charts.

You could add social media icons or a newsletter subscription box to capitalize off the visitors that comes and view this data on your website.

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How to Get Backlinks from CNN, TechCrunch, Wikipedia, and Huffington Post

This is year 2017, and everyone is looking for a fresh start. If you have an online business and finally want to break that plateau and kick your business into high gear then I would suggest radically changing your seo strategy.

Free organic traffic from Google is like having the best location in your city for your business. There’s a real estate that repeat the statements location, location, location. I like to use this to reflect the importance of getting first page rankings in Google.

Even novices know that Google ranks quality backlinks as one of their main metrics for determining a site’s importance. However, how do you, an everyday webmaster crack the code t generating consistent quality links? Well, one strategy that I highly recommend is to check out Infographics.

My new course Epic Infographics 2017 reveals the entire game plan.

I recently read a nice post by Ken Lyons on WordStream blog about inforgraphics.

He highlighted the steps he used to create an infographic campaign that he used to generate links from powerful domain names such as CNN and HuffingtonPost which lead to a spike in traffic.

The strategy he used was interesting which evolved around negativity which is a powerful commodity on the web. Every saw an online social media or message board posts that generated tons of views? Many of them typically contain an aura of negativity behind it. People on the web tend to feed off the misfortune of others and this is one of those elements that he exploited for huge traffic gains.

Like all marketing strategies, it’s important to have your KPIs (key performance indicators) intact so that you can track your results and evolve. Failure to do this like throwing darts in the dark.

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My Review of My Own Product – Epic Infographics

I decided to do something bizarre and review my own product Epic Infographics  I tried to do it as honestly as possible, but I believe that every human being is susceptible to bias, and an author of a book is no different. So, here it goes.

Epic Infographics is a bundle of digital goodies. The main course is course comes with the main pdf which contains the contents of the guide. Its 32-pages total and broken down into four modules.  You may be thinking that 32-pages are short for a book, and it is.

But, I’m a self-publisher and am not tied down to the word count limit of large publishing companies. I refuse to waste words and don’t pad on content just to sell word count.

My main motive is to feed you the most content asap so that you can quickly turnaround and implement the strategies for positive results, and I think I’ve done that. I also included a bundle of bonuses which includes pdfs and audios so if you like quantity then you get it.

The course is broken down into four modules which explain how to brainstorm, build, and promote your infographics in a snap. Below is a quick synopsis of each module.

Module I: Picking the Perfect Fruit

Infographics are a great idea for your online business. It can lead to better rankings, higher search engine visibility, and a stronger link profile. However, there are a plethora of poorly done infographics out there, so how do you decide which one to do? This is covered in this section. I reveal how to use Google, Stumble upon, Reddit, and other online tools for idea generation for your next infographic.

Module II: The power of big data

The true gem of infographics is the data that they contain. Web users love facts, and your infographic should be populated with them. I reveal several free online databases that you can extract useful facts from.

Module III: Painting the virtual masterpiece

Once you have your topic and data for your infographics, whats the next step? You have to construct it. There are several formats that you can choose from for your infographics, and I present the most successful formats used on the web. You’ll learn about the color, typography, charts, and designs behind successful infographics, along with the significance of the 8-second hook.

Module IV: Unlocking Infinite traffic with your Infographic

Creating your infographic is just one step, successfully promoting it is another. I reveal the tools of the trade of how to increase your chances of having your infographic go viral and taking the web by storm. The hint is a crafty social media campaign.

My review for my book Epic Infographics is 4/5, just because me rating my book 5/5 would be a bit cheesy. If you want to read 5-sar reviews and view case studies, then you can check out what others had to say here:

If you have any questions about Epic Infographic 2017 comment below and I will respond asap.  Let’s climb to the top of Google!